This project intends to create a community nexus of creativity, incomes, technology and commerce for Bronzeville based on attracting tourist to this community. HEIR Gallery is committed to bringing sense of place, modern affordability and creative energy to the area. Our project will achieve a triple bottom line through its community benefits, environmental sustainability and economic impacts.



1. This project will create a learning academy for children and youth [ages 13 to 18] that will formally train, engage and increase their knowledge and proficiency in and understanding of an art’s discipline, genre, or form with the distinct purpose of imbedding knowledge capital that will provide specialized andmarketable skill sets.

2. The commitment to green technologies and design elements will yield important environmental benefits and long-term lifestyle benefits. The green systems will create a reduction in energy consumption that will reduce utility costs, conserve water and generate significant financial returns.

3. A multitude of socioeconomic benefits will be derived from: the creation of a socially consciousness artistic hub, an accessible artistic venue for the creative class, a knowledge center for inner-city youth, environmentally conscious artist work/live affordable housing across a broad income spectrum, renewed commercial investment and increased permanent employment. Finally, this endeavor offers a rare chance to break the historical correlation between income and intellectual capital. This project provides an unprecedented chance to build affordability and social equity into a futuristic development on the City’s South Side via culture and the arts.

The Development

There are three main components to HEIRs of Bronzeville.

A new iconic destination within the city. A place for artists, not just a place where artists are born. A vibrant place where innovative and exciting things happen. A neighborhood filled with so much creative historical legacy, that you feel the energy to make music or make art.

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