Heirwaves Public Network

HEIRWaves is a public network of mass media movements that distinguishes itself from the mainstream by highlighting a multi-cultural ideology which is severely lacking in the present day networks. The HEIR Waves theory is that all should be represented in more ways than one. Numerous cultures have been presented as unilateral, ultimately giving a narrow perspective to the audience: “We are not trying to reinvent the wheel; we just want to rotate it and globally charge it”. HEIR Waves greatest hope is to decrease teen pregnancy, suicide, substance abuse, and violence. By invoking inspiration and awareness, we can collectively open doors that have been locked to us for decades. HEIR Waves envisions this network to be a perpetual outlet for and by the youth to provide employment, education, and empowerment via Magazine, Internet Television/ Radio and Performing Arts channels.

Attracting this unique, diverse segment of the urban environment creates a ripe market for advertisers and companies eager to reach our audience via HEIR Waves Network. Mintel, a worldwide leader of competitive media, product and consumer intelligence with offices in Chicago cited in November 2004 — on teen consumers: “teen spending was valued at $175 billion in 2003 and is on the rise. The estimated spending power of teens, (those age 12 to 17), is expected to top $190 billion by 2006, a figure that surpasses the gross domestic product of many countries in the world. In addition, families with teens spent $100 billion on them with projected spending for 12 to 17 year olds as $128.5 billion in 2006.“