Heir Gallery


Mission and Vision


HEIR Gallery was conceived with two goals in mind:

1. to bring the best creative arts training and skills to urban youth and

2. create economic expansion to Washington Park/West Bronzeville.

The HEIR Gallery mission is to provide a haven for ethnically and culturally diverse groups of artistic individuals to come together to celebrate the arts and to foster those who aspire to become artists by offering education and guidance in the many fields of art via its appropriately named “Building the Craft” method and most importantly centered in Bronzeville.

“Building The Craft” is a process that will help young artists identify talent, materialize visions and become masters of their craft by immersing the student in a highly structured and intensive study of art fundamentals that integrate traditional and contemporary processes, materials, and cutting edge technologies. Students will begin a growing mastery of composition, craftsmanship, media, techniques, and analytical thinking. This program will prepare each student to meet the challenges of further studies and the ability to compete at a college level and beyond.

The HEIR Gallery vision is multifaceted in regards to the potential of community service, art education, social gathering, outreach, and development. HEIR Gallery wants to build and enhance the quality of the community by offering employment, education, and life changing experiences through artistic expression. HEIR Gallery envisions a New Renaissance in Chicago which Bronzeville will spearhead in the years to come. The vehicle to achieve this Renaissance will be a Business Execution Model created by HEIR Gallery to sustain its vision and contribution to the community. This model will allow for educational programming to serve as the nucleus of artistic employment and cultural commerce.



It is our intent that several organizations and companies will collaborate with HEIR Gallery to make it an interdisciplinary center. Our proposal to combine arts and technology has grabbed the attention of many in education that will aid in the development of our cutting edge curriculum and pursuit of a charter school designation. Most of all would become a place where art-education and technology as well as the visual arts would intersect, with the public witnessing not only the end product, but the process…becoming a nascent Soho in Bronzeville.

HEIR Gallery Envisions an exciting international festival market place

The goal of this effort is to create a Festival Market Place modeled after markets in Istanbul, Turkey; Marrakech, Morocco; Barcelona, Spain; and other tourist markets around the world. This Festival Market Place would consist of 50 to 75 vendor stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables, and meats from different cultures around the globe. Artists from all over Chicago would market paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and crafts made or imported from around the world. Vendors similar to the barterers on Maxwell Street in Chicago will operate stall’s that sell or barter all types of apparel, shoes, etc. HEIR Gallery will intertwine stalls in the market that will sell prepared foods (smells), entertainment (jazz, blues, etc (sounds). and cultural dancing (sights)) with the entire market reverberating to the excitement of this unique place on Chicago’s Southside for tourists and natives.